Link exchange guidelines

We are looking for the relevant link partners to provide the additional resources to our visitors. If you are interested in exchanging a link with us, Please note down our link exchange policy guidelines before to make a request for link exchange. As per our link exchange recommendation:

  • A website should have relevancy to our website / content.
  • Visitors can find link to a website’s homepage, we do not accept links to independent webpages.
  • The website should not make a positive contribution to search engine spam, etc.
  • The website should not have any broken links.
  • We may alter the linking description that contravene our website’s style.
  • We do not accept websites that are being powered by automated link exchange programs.
  • The website should not have link farm webpages.
  • Websites that contain adult content, warez, or any kind of illegal or inappropriate activity will not be accepted.
  • You must own your domain name. No sites being hosted on free services will be listed.
  • Your content can be objected in case of duplicity.
  • Before requesting a link, make sure you have a reciprocal link to somewhere on your website.