Blog Submission Services

Blog creation and submission:

Blog creation, the aim is to provide another avenue of marketing for your business. A blog is the great way to create unique, fresh and best, search engine friendly content for your site, as well as dramatically raise customer experience. Blogging is most important tool in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which can help getting natural links to your website.

  • A blog can be used to convey information of your business.
  • Blogs assist you to generate traffic, visibility, and prestige for your website as well as increase your sites PR (page rank).
  • Blogs are collect feedback and to verify products meet the needs of users. Blogs supply value to the reader by addressing a problem, desire or need that reader has.

Five Rivers Online Marketing create blogs specific to client’s website and make sure that the client’s websites get links from them. Our blogging services are the new way for webmasters to advertise and promote their websites, products and services.

We specialize in blog creation and submission will ensure that you receive links from text surrounded by relevant content. We ensure that you will get link back within content from the blog created by us for you. A quality blog will be written by us and submitted for you. We have expert team of submitters, who are expert in Blog Creation and Submission.

Blog directory submission:

Blog directory submission is almost similar to website Directory Submission. We submit your blog to top quality blog directories will enhance its visibility significantly, and will improve its ranking in search engines. Search engines will come to recognize your blog as an authority on the subject under which you submit it to the blog directories.

Our blog directory submission helps with the following:

  • Increase blog’s page rank (PR)
  • Increases blog popularity
  • Builds search engine trust
  • Helps to build the number of free one way links to your blog
  • Helps to boost your search engine ranking position.

Blog comments posting:

Blog comments are another way to increase your backlinks, and boost your rankings in the search engines. We find those blog posts, from which a link will help you in raising your SERPs and gaining traffic. We read them and make a relevant comment on them and enter your link in comment field. If the comment will approve (of which the chances are really high), you will get a quality, one-way link to your website. Our experts post the comment on those blogs, who are happy in receiving the relevant comments.

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