Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Management

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a fast process to get listed on the top page of any major search engine advertisements. These ads appear at the top or on the right side of the organic search listings or anywhere on the content page, known as CPC/cost per click advertisements. The advertisement gets activated instantly within a second of activation.

  • Pay per Click can be defined as kind of advertising model where the advertiser pays depending on the number of times the published advertisement is clicked upon.
  • The Pay-Per-Click is most popular in Search Engine marketing because you don’t have to pay for the advertisement instead you only pay for the click.

Google Adwords provides vital services to bring up your advertisement in every country at any time decided by you with language preference and advertised in specific country region and city specific areas depending upon your business services.

Our pay per click management services:

Five Rivers online marketing offer Pay Per Click Management services by driving in excellence converting traffic to client’s sites. Our professional team experts helps to increasing new business through Pay Per Click advertising and have proven track record in generating better response levels, better quality of sales with targeted traffic. Our efficient PPC management services enable clients to get the best sponsored rankings with specific and real keywords and these are based on search ability.

Five Rivers pay per click process

Business analysis

First step of Pay Per Click (PPC) understands your business and analyze your current website the products and services you offer to set up a PPC management campaign invent especially for your requirements, and your online expectations. We also focus on your competitors and the aspirations you have for your website.

Keywords analysis and selection

A successful pay per click marketing needs right set of keywords because bids are placed on these search phrases. Keyword Analysis engrosses searching for the effective and relative keywords that will bring more traffic to your website. Five Rivers online marketing choose your keywords carefully because the price of click is affected by the popularity of your keyword. We dedicated to provide quality work, by using valuable keywords to drive highly Qualified Traffic.

Account setup

Once we have decided the keywords to use then next step to set up your account and set initial bid levels. PPC account setup comprises the use of campaigns and ad groups that focus on business or keyword seasonality.Account set up may take time period depending on key variables including reach, product or service quantities and can be done in any of the PPC search engines such as Google, yahoo, MSN etc.

Creative ads development

A high-quality, effective creative Ad can make the difference to enthrall the searchers to click on your website rather than scores beside you. We create most compelling ads that will get customers to your website. We create tempting ad titles and descriptions with applicable keywords and search phrases based on ROI objectives, landing pages and select media guidelines, including style and word count restrictions that describe your business in the most appropriate way.

CTR increase

We Write the Eye-Catching Advertisement with more relevant keywords and it will definitely help you to increase the relevancy, quality score and CTR. We write effective Titles of your advertisement and track your results. We use the Relevancy Display URLs and ensure we write the powerful advertisement toward to your goals.

Monthly reports

We provide you Monthly reports allow you to check your previous month’s web activity including pageviews, content summaries, visitors, map detail, keywords ranking & performance data. With these reports can see how your PPC Campaign is doing and you can check your progress.

Benefits of our pay per click services are motioned below:

Immediate results

Pay Per Click set up can be applied quickly to immediately generate instant visibility and traffic.

Highly targeted

The traffic that comes to your website is more applicable because they have been specially searching for that relevant keyword in your advertising campaign.

Cost control

Cost control is another benefit of pay per click marketing. You only get charged when somebody actually clicks on your advert and you have the ability to set your own budget for each campaign.

Tracking success

Five Rivers online marketing provide you a PPC account that allows you to see what keywords are driving the most traffic to your site so you can adjust your PPC budget to optimize your PPC account for maximum effect.

Flexible set up

In Pay Per Click Management you can choose which countries and cities you want your advert to show in just a few hours and you can continue to edit your campaign and these changes take effect immediately.

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